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Grease Traps vs. Grease Interceptors

Grease traps and grease interceptors perform similar functions—i.e., preventing fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from leaving a kitchen facility and entering the sewer system. These compounds are byproducts of cooking that stem from food materials containing fats and oils, such as meat and dairy products. When disposed of down a drain, they can stick to […]

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The Commercial Business of Grease Traps

Grease traps (also known as grease interceptors, grease converters, and grease recovery devices) are strategically placed traps in drains and waste pipes that hold fats, oils, and greases (known as FOG). Engineers design grease traps to prevent FOG from entering sewer systems, where these substances can cause serious plumbing clogs, sewer backups, and overflows. It’s […]

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