Storm drains help clear rainwater and prevent flooding, but they can become clogged with trash and debris that inhibit their effectiveness. Implementing a regular cycle of storm drain maintenance can protect the drain itself as well as the people and property around it. At Service Pumping & Drain, we provide cleaning and inspection services to keep your property’s storm drains clear and in good condition. Learn more about our services.


Cleaning out storm drains can prevent clogs and help catch repair issues before they become bigger problems. Minor debris can be removed by property owners or personnel, but major cleaning projects require professional services and equipment. Common storm drain cleaning services include:

  • Clearing debris from the drain opening: When debris settles in front of drain openings, it restricts the flow of rainwater. Rakes and shovels are often used as the first step in storm drain cleaning.
  • Debris removal: Manual cleaning teams or specialized vacuum trucks can remove debris clogging storm drain grates. Debris typically includes litter, leaves, twigs, and boxes. This debris can block grates and catch basins, limiting their ability to provide effective drainage.
  • Sediment removal: Mud and sediment can also clog pipes and storm drains. Cleaning services can remove sediment from inside the pipe by using hydro jetting and other processes.
  • Using combination sewer cleaners: Combination sewer cleaner trucks, like the Aquatech B-Series we use, feature high-performance rear-mounted equipment that can quickly handle all of these cleaning functions, from storm drain cleaning to sewer clearing to emergency excavation. These trucks offer varying levels of water and debris capacities as well as vacuum pump options.


In addition to frequent cleaning sessions, storm drains perform better with ongoing inspections that evaluate the drains for blockages, damage, and other issues. Routine inspections minimize the risk of flooding and property damage. The inspection services offered by Service Pumping & Drain include the following processes:

  • Identify blockages: We detect developing clogs due to sediment, root intrusion, debris, and trash, leading to timely removal and prevention of flooding.
  • Plan and prioritize maintenance: We can create a personalized maintenance schedule that keeps your storm drains clean and in good repair. By following this schedule, you can efficiently allocate resources and keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Compliance with regulations: Our inspection processes comply with local regulations and requirements.

Storm Drain Maintenance From Service Pumping & Drain

Keep your storm drains in excellent condition by routinely clearing away debris, inspecting them for compliance with local regulations, and proactively repairing developing leaks or damage. At Service Pumping & Drain, we provide comprehensive storm drain cleaning and inspection services. Contact us today to tell us what you’re looking for or to schedule an on-site walkthrough.