Commercial Grease & Septic Services

Storm drains, sewer lines, and interior and exterior grease traps develop buildup and sludge over time. If your company doesn’t have a plan to regularly clean and maintain these systems, you could end up paying the price for blockages, overflows, and floods.

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Improper maintenance of septic systems, grease traps, and storm drains can cause them to fail, resulting in expensive repairs, business interruptions, and poor consumer confidence. When grease traps and drains become clogged, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and drains are unreliable. In turn, this can make the premises unsafe, dirty, and out of compliance with local, state, or federal health regulations. Stormwater and sludge can start to build up outside the premises, diminishing curb appeal and making parking lots hard to navigate.

At Service Pumping & Drain Co., we provide comprehensive maintenance services for commercial entities that want hands-off, guaranteed reliability.

Grease Traps

Grease traps are plumbing devices incorporated into drains that capture grease and solids before they enter a wastewater system. Commercial kitchens, restaurants, and food processing facilities need these traps to catch traces of food waste and grease during cleaning processes. Over time, unmaintained grease traps can fill up with sludge, oil, and grease. The pipes surrounding the device end up becoming caked with solidified grease and wax.

It’s important to keep the conduits clear to guarantee the removal of waste and prevent the buildup of microbes or contaminants. Both inside and outside grease trap systems require regular maintenance to prevent overflows and health regulation violations. Grease overflow makes kitchens smell, which can result in turning customers away. Grease traps that are out of compliance can also lower a restaurant’s safety rating, subsequently driving away business.

Our grease trap services include:

  • Pumping: Our technicians pump down your facility’s grease trap instead of just removing the top layer of buildup. This ensures a deeper, longer-lasting clean.
  • High Pressure Water Jetting: Our team will thoroughly clean your facility’s inlet and outlet pipes. We use high-powered tools to cut through grease, oil, and wax without damaging the trap or the surrounding plumbing.
  • Cleaning: Our technicians will scrape the walls of the trap to remove buildup and check the baffles and cover for damage. We will also clean outside grease tank systems to keep them compliant with local Fat, Oils, Grease (FOG) Programs.
  • Maintenance: Our maintenance services include thorough inspections, recommendations for servicing and repairs, and paperwork updates to keep your grease trap safe and compliant.

Commercial Grease & Septic Services

Septic Systems

Businesses need to regularly clean and maintain their sewer or septic systems. Sludge buildup is unavoidable, but letting the buildup grow for too long can cause expensive plumbing failures and overflows that make your premises unsafe. If the buildup is left for too long, it can harden, block drainage systems, and cause irreparable damage to the exterior tanks and parts.

Another benefit of regular maintenance is the early prevention of developing problems or parts failures. For example, tree roots commonly look for entry points in sewer lines, and, if left for too long, the roots can clog the lines and cause stress cracks.

As part of our commercial septic system maintenance program, we offer the following services:

  • Cleaning: Our team can clean and unclog septic tanks, city main lines, and more. Our cleaning processes remove years of buildup, hair clogs, scale or grease buildup, and more.
  • System Pumping and Maintenance: Regular maintenance reduces the risk of critical failure. Our team will inspect the sewer lines, check tanks and hardware for parts failure or developing malfunctions, and provide documentation of regular inspections or maintenance.
  • Pipeline Inspection Videos: We provide pipeline inspection videos to document the discovery of tree roots, cracks, or other problems. Not only does video inspection footage pinpoint core problems, but it can also provide evidence to insurance companies for thorough repair or replacement coverage.
  • High Pressure Water Jetting: This service removes blockages and hardening buildup without damaging pipes and septic system hardware.


Catch Basins

Catch basins, or storm drain inlets, are vulnerable to blockages and drainage issues. Areas with erosion or dense tree coverage may experience frequent clogs due to dirt and leaves. This can leave stormwater and sludge sitting around curbs or pooling in parking lots. Even grates designed to stop blockages from forming deeper within the drains need regular attention and maintenance to prevent critical failures. Regular maintenance ensures better performance and faster stormwater processing before it becomes over-contaminated with trash, microorganisms, and chemicals from standing.

Our commercial catch basin maintenance services include:

  • Cleaning and Inspections: Our cleaning system incorporates both water jetting and high-powered vacuuming to break clogs and hardened debris away from municipal catch basins. We’ll also inspect the basin, grate, and hardware.
  • Maintenance: If we uncover signs of broken covers, grates, or basins, our team can document the issues and provide basic maintenance.
  • High Pressure Water Jetting: This service will cut through grime, dirt, and sludge to make catch basin drains accessible and functional again. Our team will thoroughly wash basin lines, structures, and grates to allow for optimal drainage.


Storm Drains

Sand, dirt, tree debris, and trash clog storm drains over time. This can leave standing water on your commercial property. Not only does this turn away potential customers, but it also presents a major health risk. Clogs also result in dangerous floods and property damage during the next storm. We offer both emergency and routine services to commercial properties that want their storm drains to stay clear and safe.

Our services for storm drain systems and pipes include:

  • Cleaning and Inspections: We specialize in hydro excavation services that remove sand, dirt, and debris buildup from storm drains. Our inspection services include thorough checks for damaged parts and documentation.
  • Maintenance: If buildup isn’t caught in time, it can cause structural damage. Our team makes the repairs to keep storm drains on your property operational and then regularly maintains them to prevent future clogs.
  • High Pressure Water Jetting: Our vehicles let us provide localized, mobile high pressure water jetting services. We cut through layers of dirt, trash, and buildup for better removal and disposal.


Additional Services

Together, our services provide a holistic solution to overflows, blockages, and drainage failures that plague commercial properties. Our maintenance and prevention programs keep your business safer, compliant with health and safety regulations, and operational. Our additional services include:

  • Wastewater Reuse and Recycle Programs
  • Holding Tanks for Liquid Septage and Wastewater: Businesses use our fiberglass, plastic, and steel tanks as interim housing for waste until safe removal and disposal options are available. Our team also cleans, maintains, and inspects these tanks to prevent buildup or blockage.


Properties That Require Expert Septic Help

Commercial Grease & Septic Services

Commercial properties need more robust plumbing and drainage systems than residences, and they’re subject to more stringent regulation. Keep your commercial property, safe, clean, and compliant with expert cleaning and maintenance services. Some that are most vulnerable to drainage problems include the following:


Restaurants have a lot of FOG waste that can’t be disposed of by pouring it down the sink. Every restaurant needs a grease trap that handles the residue and keeps it out of the municipal drainage system. However, the sheer volume of potential FOG buildup increases restaurants’ risk of developing blockages, drainage issues, and overflow.


Large-scale commercial buildings like hospitals have a lot of potentially hazardous waste and wastewater. This volume causes quick development of blockages and overflows. While these incidents can be catastrophic in most commercial locations, they are even more dangerous in hospitals with patients that are vulnerable to diseases or equipment and environments that must maintain stringent sterilization standards.


Sprawling university campuses have many of the same drainage risks that restaurants and hospitals have: large numbers of visitors, facilities where people live, eat, and bathe, and stringent safety standards the campus needs to comply with. Many universities also have dozens of parking lots that require frequent storm drain maintenance to mitigate the risk of flooded parking lots and buildings.

All Other Commercial Businesses

Every business is at risk for violating health codes or turning away customers when their storm drains, septic systems, or grease traps fail. Blockages can develop into expensive repair projects and cause reputational damage that hurts your bottom line.

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Commercial Grease & Septic Services

At Service Pumping & Drain Co., we provide comprehensive cleaning, inspection, and maintenance services for grease traps, sewer lines, storm drains, and more.

Don’t wait for a blockage to cause catastrophic property damage or impact how customers view your business. Protect your property with regular maintenance from a Boston, MA, and Southern New Hampshire service that knows the local health and safety standards and will keep your drainage systems safe season after season.

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