Holding tanks are large containers—usually made from plastic, fiberglass, or steel—used for the collection and storage of wastewater and solids. They serve as interim housing for waste products until they can be pumped out for treatment and proper disposal elsewhere. Through regular use, waste accumulates within the storage tank, necessitating pumping and cleaning to prevent the buildup of germs, odors, and other unsanitary conditions that can occur in stagnant wastewater.

At Service Pumping & Drain Co., Inc.™, we provide commercial-grade non-hazardous wastewater holding tanks and pumping for existing holding tanks. Regardless of a customer’s storage and maintenance requirements, we can meet their needs with quality products and services.

Holding Tank Maintenance

Unlike septic tanks, wastewater holding tanks are not attached to a drain field. Everything entering the holding tank accumulates inside until the tank is emptied by pumping. The frequency of pumping depends on tank size and usage but should generally occur every few weeks or every month. While both underground and aboveground holding tanks are available, aboveground tanks are typically favored because leaks are easier to identify and repair.

Additionally, holding tanks should be made from materials that are compatible with the type of waste being stored in them to prevent unintended interactions between the waste products and the tank material. Some common types of waste stored in holding tanks include:

  • Septage. Septage refers to the waste materials—in liquid or solid form—removed from a septic tank.
  • Equipment wastewater. Wastewater is water generated as a byproduct of commercial, industrial, or residential operations.
  • Sludge. Sludge is the residual material that collects in sewage treatment plants. It can occur as a byproduct of the wastewater treatment process.


Holding Tank Applications

Holding tanks find use in a wide range of industries as safe and temporary storage for waste materials until they can be processed and disposed of accordingly. Their applications vary depending on the industry. Some examples of how holding tanks are used in different industries include:

  • Agriculture. Holding tanks can store and/or transport water and other agriculture-related liquids (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.).
  • Construction. In construction operations, holding tanks are used for dewatering purposes as well as for groundwater and stormwater management.
  • Environmental. Holding tanks are used to store large volumes of water during environmental remediation projects.
  • Manufacturing. Manufacturing sites use holding tanks for storing chemicals and other materials related to manufacturing operations.
  • Oil and gas. Holding tanks are used to temporarily store oil and other fluids at different stages of processing.
  • Pipeline. Holding tanks are commonly used for crude oil storage or storing the liquid content of the pipeline.
  • Refinery. Holding tanks are used to store processing chemicals and wastes from refining operations. They are also used for general refinery maintenance, such as the cleaning of cooling towers.

Commercial Holding Tank Services

The Importance of Wastewater Pumping

As holding tanks play a critical role in the operations of numerous industries, ensuring they maintain peak performance is essential. Achieving this goal involves several factors, such as:

  • Proper waste management (including appropriately characterizing waste). By properly identifying waste, industry professionals can choose more effective storage and treatment techniques for it. This reduces the risk of backups and other potentially expensive maintenance issues that could slow company operations.
  • Regular pumping. Holding tanks must be regularly pumped and drained to empty the accumulated waste. Third-party service providers, such as Service Pumping & Drain, offer holding tank pumping and draining services for customers who do not have the resources to invest in their own pumping and draining equipment.


Holding Tank Pumping Services From Service Pumping & Drain

Founded in 1927, Service Pumping & Drain Co., Inc.™ is a family-owned and -operated company that serves customers in the eastern Massachusetts area. We provide pumping, draining, and septic services for non-hazardous liquid wastewater.

Our highly trained technicians carefully evaluate each customer’s particular tank maintenance needs and provide the services necessary to keep operations running smoothly. From routine, automatic pumping on a set schedule to 24/7 emergency support, we offer the services required to ensure that holding tanks remain in proper working order.

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