Commercial catch basins are an integral part of environmental protection. Properly cleaning and maintaining storm water structures helps communities prevent flooding and other adverse water-related incidents. It’s up to city staff and property owners to ensure that they keep catch basins clear of debris and minimize contamination risks.

Catch basins are generally found along curbs and traffic intersections. They also appear in parking lots and parking structures. Catch basins collect leaves, natural debris, and litter to prevent them from clogging storm drains and sewage pipes. They often use steel grates to trap debris, and many include sumps as well to collect smaller pieces of sediment.

Keeping the Catch Basin Clean

Routinely cleaning catch basins helps maintain healthy communities no matter the time of year. Clogged catch basins result in flooded streets, creating hazardous conditions for motorists and pedestrians.

Clogged catch basins also can pose health risks and negatively affect your community’s quality of life if mold is allowed to fester in unattended debris. Furthermore, clogged drains create standing water, which attracts mosquitoes and other potential disease-carrying insect life.

Forgoing a proper catch basin maintenance schedule can also result in damage to sewer pipes and street, gutter, curb, and sidewalk concrete, incurring further maintenance costs down the line.

Cleanup entails removing debris from the basin and sediment from the sump. When necessary, workers use high-pressure water jets that can achieve up to 4,000 PSI of water pressure to wash down drain structures and lines.

Maintaining Catch Basins

Most cities and municipalities have public workers who clear catch basins. But when catch basins fall on the private property of businesses or homeowners, it’s up to these individuals to maintain the basins themselves. Most private catch basin managers create annual or biannual cleaning schedules to ensure that someone regularly removes litter and sediment from the basins at all times.

Catch Basin Maintenance

Storm water management companies can assure that your catch basins maintain proper cleaning schedules, compliance reporting for the governing authority, and proper disposal of sediment waste. They offer several different maintenance plans depending on basin depth, use, and varieties of litter and debris that typically affect them.

Older catch basins may require different cleaning techniques from new ones. Additionally, the amount of vehicle or pedestrian traffic the area around a basin experiences also affects coordinating a maintenance schedule. Proper care can be as simple as weekly light cleaning, but some basins may require high-pressure washing every day.

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