If something goes wrong with the septic system in your business, it can be a major expense to replace it. Because of this, proper maintenance is a necessity to protect your septic system from damage. If you take the correct steps to care for your septic system before problems arise, the septic tank will last a long time without extensive issues.

Septic System CleaningThe goal of septic tank maintenance is to prevent solids from building up inside and to stop groundwater contamination. If the septic tank is leaking into the surrounding environment or is clogged up with solids, it can cause a major problem for your business. The team members at Service Pumping & Drain Co., Inc.™ are experts in cleaning and maintaining septic tanks and will make sure your septic tank is safeguarded from considerable damage.

How to Maintain a Septic Tank

Here are several different ways to reduce wear and keep a septic tank in working order:

  • Conserve water. The septic system doesn’t need to work as hard when less water is used. This will reduce the risk of leaks and other types of failure.
  • Only flush toilet safe materials. Your plumbing and septic tank cannot handle many common household items going down the toilets. Make sure that all waste is disposed of properly to prevent clogs and damage to the interior of the tank.
  • Keep a record of all the maintenance. Whenever you have septic or grease repairs, services, inspections, or other maintenance activities, log them so you know what parts of the septic system are in good repair.
  • Keep a diagram of your tank. When a plumbing service comes to your property, ensure you know the tank’s location. This way, the team can quickly find the system and repair it.
  • Have your tank cover or tank accessible in case of an emergency. If something goes wrong with the septic system, you will want it repaired right away. Keeping the tank accessible will make it easier for maintenance personnel to access it.
  • Don’t construct patios, decks, or paved surfaces over the septic system. This can block access to your system and put undue stresses on it, which leads to expensive problems down the road.
  • Schedule regular tank pumps with an experienced team. This will ensure the tank stays clear of debris and keeps working well.

Proper septic system care is vital to running your business. It will protect the value of your property, ensure the health of everyone in the area, and keep the environment free of contamination. Land and water that are contaminated by bacteria, viruses, and chemicals that come from septic wastewater are a danger to everyone. By taking care of the septic system, you’ll keep your employees, property, and environment safe.

Trust Our Experienced Septic Pumping Team

Service Pumping & Drain Co., Inc.™ has been providing fast, reliable, affordable service for more than 80 years. Our customers return year after year because they trust us to effectively clean and maintain the septic systems for their homes and businesses.
None of our customers are locked into any type of contract. We come when you call-whenever you need us. Our technicians will work with you to determine the best cleaning schedule for your tank based on its size, use, and other factors that affect its performance.

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Caring for Your Septic System

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