Cleaning and maintaining sewer pipes and tanks are key to the long-term health of the system. Service Pumping & Drain has a fleet of vacuum trucks and truck and trailer-mounted vacuum pumps for pumping grease traps, septic tanks, tight tanks, pump chambers, and all non-hazardous wastewater. If you require commercial storm drain cleaning or other non-hazardous wastewater solutions in North Reading, MA, rely on the experts at Service Pumping & Drain.

Types of Cleaning & Maintenance Equipment

Service Pumping & Drain offers a wide range of septic tank equipment and vacuum pump trucks to help with all your cleaning and maintenance needs.

Vacuum Trucks

We have vacuum pump trucks to handle all your pipe and drain cleaning needs. Our fleet offers two 4000-gallon and eight 5000-gallon vacuum pump trucks that can handle almost any job. Our three Aquatech B-10 combination machines are ideal for removing debris from catch basins, storm drains, sediment traps, sewer pump stations, and more. The high-velocity jetter works for cleaning storm and sewer lines from 8″ to 36″ in diameter.

For inside pump chamber cleaning or cleaning indoor grease traps, our four 525-gallon vacuum pump trucks get the job done. They are equipped with 250′ of 2″ hose and are 6’4″ in height, allowing them to be used in low-entry facilities. Our 1200-gallon vacuum pump truck is used for cleaning and maintaining grease traps and pump chambers in tight areas.

5200 Gallon Vacuum Trucks – 52, 57, and 58

Our newest 5200 gallon vacuum trucks feature blower style pumps, which allow for deeper and more consistent vacuum without overworking the equipment. Blowers also require less maintenance to ensure minimized equipment downtime.

The 52 and 57 trucks were purchased to replace and update some of our older trucks in the fleet. We added the 58 truck to accommodate our growing workload, as well as meet our need for another 5000 gallon truck. All of the new trucks feature cabs with automatic transmissions and provide a comfortable environment for techs in between jobs.

Small Vacuum Trucks – 33, 46, 49, 50, and 59

Our brand new 575 gallon vacuum trucks include a completely refurbished 2016 Ford F350 chassis that facilitates access into lower clearance areas, such as the older parking garages in and around North Reading, MA and surrounding areas. These trucks can access structures with clearances as low as 6’6”.

Water Jets – WJ4 and WJ3

In addition to our vacuum trucks, we also have two different water jet trailers, both of which feature clearances as low as 6’6”:

  • WJ4. Our 2019 WJ4 has a 600 gallon capacity and 4000 PSI of pipe cleaning capability. It features a 3/8‘’ hose reel as well as a 1/2‘’ hose reel that enables us to work with pipe diameters ranging from 3’’ to 12’’. There is also a 1/4‘’ hose reel on the unit to accommodate some smaller lines.
  • WJ3. Our 2017 WJ3 is a completely enclosed unit with the same capabilities as the WJ4. Its primary difference from the WJ4 is the fact that it is in a fully enclosed, insulated, and heated trailer. This allows us to perform water jetting in temperatures well below freezing.
  • In addition to the abovementioned equipment, Service Pumping & Drain is also adding a new 2023 Mack tractor to pull our 9000 gallon vacuum trailers later this year. Additionally, we have acquired a third Aquatech unit to service catch basins and stormwater systems.

    Considerations for Choosing Cleaning & Maintenance Equipment

    When selecting the right cleaning and maintenance equipment for your operation, there are some major considerations involved. While equipment cost is always one, it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. Other things to consider when choosing cleaning and maintenance equipment for your drain cleaning business include:

    • Performance. You want to ensure the pumps will get the job done with the highest efficiency. Some key performance features to look for when shopping for cleaning and maintenance equipment are speed, proper suction, and flex couplings or gears.
    • Size. Size is important when it comes to vacuum pumps. A bigger pump will not help you pump faster and complete the job quicker. Instead, it is important to find a pump that best fits the size of your tank.
    • Brand/Reputation. Brand loyalty can pay off when you find one that works for you. Sticking with the same brand for septic pumper trucks and truck vacuum pumps can make maintenance on equipment simple, especially when ordering replacement parts.

    Importance of Cleaning and Maintenance

    Cleaning and maintenance of sewers, septic systems, and grease traps is crucial to safe, high performing, long-lasting systems. Just as it is important to call in professionals to maintain your systems, it is also crucial that companies keep their vacuum trucks and pumps well-maintained. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, you could put the success of your operations and the safety of your employees at risk.

    We Can Handle All Your Pumping or Drain Cleaning Needs in North Reading, MA

    When there is an issue with your lines, contact Service Pumping & Drain. Our team will come to examine your pipes and use a Rigid G Vision S/3300 Camera with a 10.4″ LCD screen to troubleshoot the lines and determine the best solution for your issue. We have the septic equipment and service fleet to handle all your pumping or drain cleaning needs.

    Service Pumping & Drain Co., Inc.™ has been serving North Reading and other parts of Eastern Massachusetts for over 85 years. With 24-hour emergency services and over 12,000 customers, you’ll see why people have come to rely on Service Pumping & Drain Co., Inc.™ for exceptional service.