Grease Trap Maintenance

Service Pumping & Drain has been providing the area's best grease trap service for over 50 years. We'll establish a maintenance program based on the particular needs of your business and a schedule that's convenient for you and your customers. With 20 service vehicles on the road, we're equipped to handle any size trap, inside or outside.

We'll take care of scheduling, grease logs, and disposal receipts - leaving you more time to manage your operations and serve your customers. We offer fast, reliable 24-hour service.

Service Pumping & Drain Co., Inc. also offers high pressure water jetting services to keep your drain lines moving freely. Lack of or improper maintenance of the trap can allow grease to move out into the sewer system where it can harden. Grease that's allowed to build up in the lines restricts flow, like a hardened artery, and can cause serious backups. That equals trouble for you, your staff, and customers. Businesses also face heavy fines from local authorities for failing to meet regulations, jeopardizing the sewer system and environment. Restaurants on a septic system must be diligent, as well. Proper maintenance is imperative to prevent clogging of the leach field. Replacing your septic system is disruptive to your operation and costly.

Please see our Beneficial Reuse & Recycling page to see how your grease is handled in an environmentally responsible manner.

Don't let an emergency ruin your customers' experience! Prevent serious backups by having us pump your trap on the appropriate frequency and routinely jet the lines.

Contact us today for more information or fill out our Request A Quote form to receive a quote on our Grease Trap Maintenance services.