Service Pumping & Drain is proud to provide thorough grease trap cleaning services, serving Cambridge, MA. Restaurants and other commercial establishments depend on reliable grease trap maintenance for continuous operation, free of downtime and risk of sanitation problems. Our services enable us to support the health of our environment and groundwater by keeping large volumes of fat, oil, grease, and solids (FOGS) from entering public wastewater systems.

Central to proper FOGS control is grease trap servicing. Grease traps passively capture oily substances as they cool, solidify, and float to the top of the trap, allowing the solids to fall to the bottom as the water drains unimpeded. Eventually, the grease trap overfills and blocks the most critical drainage point for commercial kitchens. Choosing an experienced grease trap cleaning service provider is essential to the optimal functioning of your commercial drainage systems.

Benefits of Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease trap servicing and repair are essential for a number of reasons, ranging from standard operational requirements to general improvements to kitchen efficiency. The main benefits of regular grease trap service include:

  • Preventing clogs and system backups
  • Improving efficiency via better separation of FOGS, improved drainage, and reduced odors
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance and eliminating safety hazards
  • Extending the grease trap’s lifespan, reducing the need for more costly repairs or replacements in the future
  • Protecting the local environment from large grease deposits and certain acids and other substances that can develop when grease builds up

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Process

For routine and emergency grease trap services, our process begins with a thorough inspection and then ends only when the customer is fully satisfied. From start to finish, a fully licensed and experienced Service Pumping & Drain technician will carry out the following process for your system:

  • Assessing your grease trap: We’ll inspect and evaluate your grease trap’s FOGS build-up, then determine the most effective way to fully remove it, clean the grease trap and inlet/outlet pipes, and prevent it from clogging in the future. We’ll also determine if any grease trap repairs or reinstallations are necessary for proper long-term function.
  • Pumping and removal: Depending on the type of FOGS buildup, we may choose any combination of pumping, hydrojetting, or using powerful enzymes to break apart obstructions and remove them.
  • Scraping and cleaning: It’s also essential to scrape and clean the grease trap and its baffles, to ensure solid deposits don’t harden over time and convert into harmful bacteria, sulfuric acid, and other toxic substances.
  • Disposing FOGS and documenting service: Customers will then have proof of regulatory compliance, confident our grease disposal experts have eliminated the substances safely and properly on behalf of Massachusetts communities and the restaurants they love most.

Grease Trap Servicing by Service Pumping & Drain

If you’re looking for a grease trap repair provider, it’s important to rely on only the most thorough and time-tested FOGS removal services in your area. Doing so will improve kitchen operations and maintain safety and environmental standards, all while ensuring your establishment is free of unpleasant odors and adverse wastewater conditions.

Service Plumbing & Drain has been maintaining flow and sanitation for Massachusetts-area restaurants for nearly a century, and we offer 24-hour emergency service and repairs. For the most time-tested grease trap servicing in Cambridge, MA, contact us and tell our grease trap service experts about your FOGS removal challenges.